E1/3472/2019 03-09-2021 Promotion Transfer and postings-JDFB, IFBGr-I, IFB Gr-II
E1/208/2021 02-08-2021 Correction:Transfer and postings-Clerk, ClerkTypist ,Senior Clerk
E1/208/2021 26-07-2021 Transfer and postings-Clerk, ClerkTypist ,Senior Clerk
E1/1667/2021 29-06-2021 Promotion and postings-Junior Superintendent, Head Accountant ,Senior Clerk
E1/208/2021 23-06-2021 Transfer and postings-Additional Inspector of Factories
GO(Rt) 24/21 05-01-2021 Promotion and postings-Technical Officer (Chemical)-order
E1/1667/2021 06-05-2021 Transfer and postings-Junior Superintendent-HA-Clerks-order
E1/46/2021 05-05-2021 Promotion and Postings of Additional Inspector of factories
E1/208/2021 20-02-2021 Transfer and postings-Clerks-order
E1/208/2021 18-02-2021 Transfer and postings-IFB Gr-I-order
E1/208/2021 15-02-2021 Draft- General Transfer order
E1/9305/2019 20-01-2021 Promotion and Posting of Head Draftsman



G1/3057/2020 16-11-2020 RTI officers in the department- revised
GO(Rt)/1106/2020 28-10-2020 Reconversion of Chemical Inspector post to IFB Grade-II
G1/3057/2020 15-06-2020 RTI- SPIO/APIO in the department
G1/3057/2020 26-05-2020 RTI- officers in the department
E1/2600/2020 18-04-2020 Functioning of Offices
G4/2407/2020 21-03-2020 COVID19 CELL
E1/629/2020 16-03-2020 Last Grade Service- Rectification Order
E1/5790/2019 16-03-2020 Higher Grade- Junior Superintendents
E1/2407/2019 13-03-2020 Promotion, Transfer and posting of Additional Inspector of Factories
E1/629/2020 06-03-2020 Transfer of Last Grade Employees
E1/4521/2019 16-01-2020 Promotion and Postings of Class IV Employees
E1/11/2020 01-01-2020 Promotion and Postings of Senior Clerks







E1/5488/2019 31-12-2019 Promotion and Postings of Junior Superintendent & Head Accountant
E1/176/2019 01-11-2019

Transfer & Postings-Joint Directors of Factories and Boilers

E1/5491/2019 01-10-2019 Grade Promotion
E1/176/2019 20-09-2019 Transfer & Postings of Inspectors of Factories and Boilers- Gr-II
E1/176/2019 16-08-2019 General Transfer- Office Attenders
E1/176/2019 22-07-2019 General Transfer-Senior clerk/clerk-Typist
E1/5491/2019 03-07-2019 Higher Grade to Additonal Inspector of Factories
E1/5488/2019 02-07-2019 Promotion of Junior Superintendent and Head Accountant
E1/2074/2019 01-07-2019 Promotion of Additional Inspector
E1/176/2019 (3) 17-06-2019 General Transfer -Senior superintendent
E1/176/2019 (2) 17-06-2019 General Transfer -Additional Inspector of Factories
E1/176/2019 (2) 06-06-2019 General Transfer -Draft order- Additional Inspector of Factories
E1/176/2019 (3) 06-06-2019 General Transfer -Draft order-Senior superintendent
E1/10643/2018 03-06-2019 Posting of Inspector Sri. Sajith S.S.
E1/3650/2015 29-04-2019 Posting of Draftman Grade 2 Kumari Megha M S
E1/8117/2018 22-03-2019 Posting of L D Clerk Sri Akhil K


ORDERS-- 2017 and before

Promotion of Junior Superintendents, Head Accountants 

Transfer and postings of Typists 

Promotion and Postings of Additional Inspector of Factories

Promotion order kept in abeyance 

Promotion of Typists

Transfer of Senior Clerk 

Sanctioning Higher Grade to AIF

Transfer & postings of AIF 

Transfer & Postings of Clerk-Typist

Promotion, transfer & postings of Senior Clerks

Promotion, transfer & postings of JS,HA  

Promotion, Posting and transfer of AIF, SS

Promotion, Posting and transfer of Draftsman 

Transfer & Postings of Inspector of Factories & Boilers Gr-II