For Obtaining Factory Licence

 a) In case of MAH factories

Ist stage

Permission from the Government should be obtained regarding the suitability of site. Application should be submitted to the Site Apprisal Committee constituted as per section 41 A of the Factories Act.


  • Application form
  • Environment Impact Assessment Report
  • Risk Analysis Report                                                                                                                                                                                                 (15 copies of the application form and related documents should be sumbitted to the Member Secretary)

b) In the case of other Factories

Permit has to be obtained for constructing a factory building or taking into use a building as a factory.

Authority issuing permits 

Up to 9 workers

 No permit needed

10 to 20 workers (except cashew factories) and

all factories in special economic zone

Respective Joint Directors of Factories & Boilers in the region

Cashew factories and factories employing  more than 20 workers

 Director of Factories & Boiler


  • Application form.
  • Receipted chalan in original.
  • (The scrutiny fee is Rs. 50/- per 10m 2 and maximum Rs. 500/-)
  • Flow chart and brief description of the manufacturing process.
  • Site plan drawn to a scale of 1:400 duly signed by the occupier and draftsman. (The roads, drains, buildings, the set back from boundaries, details of open space,distance from highways, roads etc has to be shown (3 copies) .
  • Plan, elevation and gross section of all the buildings showing the detials of passages, means of escape during fire, details of lighting and ventilation (3 copies) (duly signed by draftsman & occupier).
  • Machinery layout indicating the power of each machine and showing the number persons employed in each section, duly signed by draftsman and occupier (3 copies).
  • The details of rain water harvesting arrangements adopted to be shown in the plan.
  • In the case of hazardous and polluting industries, enclose.
  • N.O.C from Kerala State Pollution Control Board.
  • Approval of site by Chief Town Planner.
  • In case of factories using forest produce, N.O.C. from Divisional Forest Officer.
  • For additional construction and additional installation of machinery permit has to be obtained.
  • The validity of permit is for one year. If the construction is not over within one year, the permit has to be revalidated. (fee for revalidation is Rs. 500/-)
  • The authority for revalidting the permit is the authority who has issued the permit.

2nd stage

  • Issue of Licence
  • Licence issuing /renewing Authorities


Issue of Licence


Documents to be submitted

 1.Sec 2(m) Factories


 Director of Factories &  Boilers

 Regional Joint  Director of Factories  & Boilers

 Divisional Inspector of Factories

 2.Sec 85 Factories


 Regional Joint Director of  Factories & Boilers

 Regional Joint  Director of Factories  & Boilers

 Divisional Inspector of Factories

  • Transfer, amendment and issue of duplicate licence are done by the concerned regional Joint Director of Factories & Boilers. (see fee schedule)

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  • The authority to suspend licence is Director of Factories & Boilers. The application to be forwarded through Inspector of Factories & Boilers or directly. (see fee schedule)
  • Application for licence has to be submitted after completion of construction.


  • Application in Form No. 2 (3 copies)
  • Licence fee vide remitted chalan (as per fee schedule)
  • Stability certificate in Form No. 3
  • Documents to prove ownership
  • The validity of licence in for one year.
  • The licence may be renewed for a period upto 5 years.
  • Licence fees and renewal fee are the same.
  • The documents for renewal has to be submitted on or before 31 st October every year.The application received after that date will be accepted only with additional fee as given below.
  • Before the expiry of the licence period (up to December 31 st) - 25% of the normal fees as addtiona fee
  • After the expiry of the licence period (after December 31 st) - 50% of the normal fees as additional fee
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